Multan: The Collectorate of Customs, Enforcement, Multan has intensified its anti-smuggling operations in the country, seizing smuggled goods, illegal godowns and dumping places worth Rs.437.29 million in December 2023, a 7% increase from the same period last year.

The Multan Collectorate, led by Collector Syed Imran S. Bukhari and Additional Collector Mr. Shah Faisal, has vowed to support legal trade and curb illegal businesses that use smuggled goods. The Collectorate has also focused on confiscating non-duty paid vehicles, which are often used for criminal or terrorist activities, under the guidance of Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, Member Customs (Operations). As a result, the Collectorate seized 40 non-duty paid vehicles in December, the highest number in any month.

The Collectorate also made three major seizures of miscellaneous goods, including cigarettes, betel nuts, naswar, gutka, food items, watches, hand bags, bed sheets, garments, shoes and more, along with two carrier vehicles, worth Rs.27 million, Rs.29 million and Rs.22 million respectively. One person was arrested and is being investigated, while three others were convicted.

The Collectorate also generated revenue of Rs.124 million through administrative measures such as auction, currency deposits and encashments. The Collectorate has issued strict instructions to its anti-smuggling units, including mobile squads and airport staff, to monitor the illegal movement of essential goods, Iranian POL, currency, gold and mobile phones.