KARACHI: In a proactive move based on credible intelligence, the Anti-Smuggling Operations (ASO) team of the Customs Enforcement wing, CoC, has successfully executed five distinct seizures on November 13, 2023, with a combined value of 100.5 million.

The breakdown of the seizures is as follows:

At Moachko Check-Post, a container accompanied by a trawler, transporting foreign-origin smuggled dry fruits, was detained. The seized smuggled dry fruits have an estimated value of 40 million.

Two dumpers carrying 8,500 kilograms of Betel Nuts were intercepted at the Super Highway Check-Post.

A significant quantity of 10,350 kilograms of Indian-origin Kucth (Kath’ha) was discovered in a warehouse at Mauripur.

At Moachko Check-Post, 1,300 kilograms of betel nuts, along with the associated conveyance, were detained.

The collective efforts of Collector Enforcement Basit Abbasi, Additional Collector Amanullah Tareen, Assistant Collector Aman Sadiq, and their team have been commendable in achieving these successful operations.

This marks a significant milestone in the ongoing anti-smuggling drive, with Customs being granted a free hand for the first time. The results speak volumes about Customs’ capabilities and efficiency when given the autonomy to carry out their duties unhindered. This success underscores a departure from previous perceptions of corruption and inefficiency, highlighting the positive impact of empowering Customs in their efforts against smuggling activities.