Karachi: Sindh Integrated Emergency & Health Services (“SIEHS”) 1122, the leading emergency humanitarian service in Sindh, has started operations in all its districts. It has successfully facilitated the rescue of millions of emergency victims with its emergency ambulances and allowed thousands of deliveries to be supervised by its trained male nurses, which SIEHS proudly calls “Born together”.

The organization has extended its network of ambulance services to Tando Muhammad Khan, held on Indus University Hospital’s lawn on 14th July 2023.

SIEHS has provided five ambulances along with paramedics to attend to any medical emergencies in the district. People of the district of Tando Mohamed Khan joins health coverage services of Rescue 1122 through DoH- SIEHS, making it the 26th out of 30 districts to be covered.

Talking on this occasion, Brig. Tarique Quadir Lakhiar, CEO – SIEHS was very confident that the current political leadership is devoted to providing ample services throughout Sindh for the advantage of the populace without any discrimination.

“The citizens of Sindh can take pride in this service, which is available 24/7, in any environment, locality, and in any crisis”, he added. He shared further, “We will soon be bolstering our team with additional ambulances, firefighting equipment, and technical teams to accommodate a larger region and population”.