KARACHI: The profit-making PG companies managed to throw dust in the eyes of OGRA and on Friday, instead of selling at the rate set by OGRA, the retail price of LPG in Karachi reached Rs 220 per kg. It should be noted that without the permission of OGRA, the LPG companies had increased the prices of LPG unannounced due to which the President of Karachi LPG Distributors Lines Imran Farooqi had expressed his fear that if the government If immediate action is not taken against the arbitrariness of G companies, the price of LPG may reach 230 rupees.

Speaking to the media on Friday, President of Karachi LPG Distributors Lines Imran Farooqi said that we have been conveying to the government for days that OGRA should take action against the profiteering LPG companies and increase the rates announced by AGRA. The license of any company that sells LPG at this price should be canceled and if our words were followed, the price of LPG would not have reached 220 rupees today. Imran Farooqui said that LPG companies are taking illegal profits. It is necessary to take strict action against Agaran so that LPG can be made available to the people at the rate set by the government and Jogis marketing companies are taking illegal profits to defame the government and if against the illegal profiteering of Agaran companies. Taking action and canceling the license of any of these companies is possible.