HYDERABAD: ASO of Customs Enforcement Hyderabad has seized large quantity of smuggled goods and vehicles since March 14 to April 03, 2023. The value of the seized goods is Rs46 million.

Pakistan Customs is pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign, which is even more important at a time country is struggling to maintain its foreign exchange reserves. Demand of dollar by smugglers for illegal laundering of currency against their imports adversely impact the exchange rates.

Meanwhile, ASO Hyderabad has seized 1,000 sticks/dandas (200,000 cigarettes) from a foreign origin Toyota Wish car at National Highway near Hyderabad By-pass.

Collector Customs Hyderabad Mumtaz Ali Khoso and Additional Collector M.Daud Pirzado appreciated the ASO team led by Assistant Collector, Dr. Shahzadi Hareem Fatima and Incharge Anti Smuggling Organization, Hyderabad, Haresh Kumar.

Customs anti-smuggling operations are critical for several reasons:

·       Preventing illegal activities: Customs anti-smuggling operations are designed to prevent the importation or exportation of illegal goods, such as drugs, weapons, and counterfeit products. By intercepting these goods, customs officials can prevent them from entering the country and being sold on the black market.

·       Protecting national security: Smuggling can be used to circumvent national security measures, such as sanctions or embargoes. Customs anti-smuggling operations help to ensure that these measures are enforced and that goods that could pose a threat to national security are intercepted.

·       Protecting public health: Smuggled goods can include counterfeit pharmaceuticals, which can be harmful to public health. Customs anti-smuggling operations help to prevent these products from entering the country and being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

·       Protecting the economy: Smuggling can lead to the loss of revenue for governments and legitimate businesses. Customs anti-smuggling operations help to prevent this loss by ensuring that taxes and tariffs are collected on imported goods.

·       Overall, customs anti-smuggling operations are essential for maintaining the integrity of borders, protecting public safety and health, and ensuring that governments and businesses are not financially harmed by illegal activities.