FTO takes initiative to facilitate taxpayers, overseas Pakistanis

KARACHI: Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Dr.Asif Mahmood Jah took another initiative to facilitate taxpayers and overseas Pakistanis by establishing a facilitation desk at the Islamabad International Airport as well as Karachi,Lahore, Quetta, land border stations at chaman and torkham.

After a month of the said inauguration  done on the explicit directives of the prime minister. It has been observed, that facilitation desks established at various airports throughout the country have started bearing fruits. As various complaints have been registered with the help of faciliataion desk at Allama Iqbal Aiprot Lahore and Quetta. It has also been observed that the General Public has started taking intrest in enquiring about the FTO by visiting these facilitation desks all over the country. Specifically at Karachi airport various people have appreciated the establishment of this facility. The same scenario has been observed at Islamabad Airport and at border facilitation desks, established at Customs station Torkham, KPK and customs station Chaman, Balochistan. This indicates that this faciliatation step by Hon’ble FTO has proved as a major facilitation move  towards resolving the issues of aggrieved taxpayers and minimizing maladministration within Federal Tax Machinery. Dr. Hi Asif Jah also appreciated tax functionaries especially customs formations at border stations for their cooperation on the issues raised by the complainants and addressing these promptly and deligently.

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