KARACHI: Customs Intelligence and Investigation (Karachi I&I) has seized large quantity of smuggled goods and non-duty-paid vehicles worth Rs64.9 million in the week ended September 19, 2021.

Consequent upon receipt of information, the Anti Smuggling Staff operated at different places and seized/detained huge quantity of smuggled goods and vehicles.

The seized goods include a Toyota Land Cruiser, clothing fabric and chemicalsp and Suzuki Pick-up vehicle. Legal proceedings have been initiated.

On the directives of Director General I&I Abdul Rasheed Shaikh, Customs Intelligence and Investigation has expedited the anti smuggling efforts.

An official said Director I&I Karachi Khalil Yousafani has the best team comprising Additional Director Rana Tasleem, Deputy collectors Tauseef Gorchani, Rana Aftab, and Amjad Rajpar, and the Director could utilize these resources even better.

The evasion of tax and duties on smuggled goods inevitably mean a loss of tax revenue for the government – which eventually reduces their ability to develop and progress as a state or country. While legitimate businesses pay a series of taxes on the goods they produce, smuggling bypasses these taxes which slowly destroys the local economy.

Smuggling generates huge profits – most of which goes back to the crime syndicate to fund more illegal activity. This creates a rise in crime and can affect tourism, amongst other things.

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