MULTAN: Customs Enforcement Multan has seized foreign currency worth Rs2.4 million from a passenger Sabar Husain, which was being smuggled abroad through Air Blue flight to Sharjah.

Upon recovery of above mentioned currencies (detection before arrest) by the ASF authorities at International departure lounge handed over the aforesaid recovered currencies along with the said passenger to Muhammad lqbal Qaisrani, Inspector (posted at departure lounge), International Airport, Multan.

The said passenger submitted a declaration declaring therein carrying of no currency. It reflected that the said passenger willfully tried to take the currencies out of the country illegally.

Since at present no legal justification with regard to the aforementioned recovered currencies could be produced to the seizing agency, therefore, there were sufficient reasons to believe that the recovered currencies are indeed being smuggled.

An official said the seized currency was liable to confiscation and the accused passenger is liable to criminal proceedings for currency smuggling.


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