KARACHI: Riaz Ahmed, Regulator Director General Trade Organizations (DGTO) ordered recirculation of Election Schedule of All Pakistan Customs Agents Assoction (APCAA).

The Regulator was hearing seven identical appeals filed by Wasiq H Khan and others against Secretary General and Election Committee of it APCAA.

The complainants submitted that  DGTO has barred Mr Amjad Choudhry from participating in FPCCI elections as he was not fulfilling the criteria for membership as per Rule 11 of Trade Organization Rules 2013, yet he is enjoying seat as Executive  Member of the Association.

The complainants also challenged bifurcation of membership into Associate and Corporate classes. The genuine ness of electoral list was also challenged as it included names of de eased persons. The nomination fee of 50000 was also challenged.

The Regulator after hearing counsel for parties on 31_8_2021 ordered recirculation  recirculation of Election Schedule. The nomination fee was also annulled. Besides the Association was also ordered to comply with Rule 15 and 2 (b) (g) of the Trade Organization Rules 2013.