PESHAWAR: MCC Appraisement Peshawar has lodged an FIR against one Afghan national Hazrat Bilal s/o Noor Gulab for illegally transporting foreign origin arms and ammunition into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

During rummaging at CS Torkham, staff of MCC Appraisement Peshawar stopped a vehicle and two M4A1 Carbine Rifles, seven Glock Pistols 9MM, eight Beretta Pistol barrels and ammunition.

The Afghan driver namely Hazrat Bilal has been arrested and the vehicle has been seized. FIR is being lodged.

Sources said sensitive agencies have been involved into the investigation and the source, destination and purpose is being identified. The involvement of India is also being investigated.

Sources said that the Taliban taking over Afghanistan blow a big setback to India and other anti-Pakistan forces, as their network of infiltrators and terrorists has been destroyed.

Sources said political setups such as MQM, PDM and other politicians have also been the tools into the hands of such foreign forces, but the people of Pakistan have been quite resilient against such conspiracies.

Sources said with Taliban taking control, Afghanistan was no more a safe haven for India funded terrorist elements, such elements and their masters are not desperate to get them into Pakistan.

Withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has been a major setback for Indian plans and their investment. In a desperate bid India is supporting the rebels in Panjsher valley and supplying them with arms from their base in Tajikistan.

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