PESHAWAR: MCC Appraisement Peshawar has recovered foreign origin weapons, which were being smuggled into Pakistan via Torkham. These weapons were in in use of the US and NATO forces.

During rummaging at CS Torkham, staff of MCC Appraisement Peshawar stopped a vehicle and two M4A1 Carbine Rifles, seven Glock Pistols 9MM, eight Beretta Pistol barrels and ammunition.

The Afghan driver namely Hazrat Bilal has been arrested and the vehicle has been seized. FIR is being lodged.

An official said there was no Preventive staff at Torkham, because Enforcement was removed from Torkham through an order. This order needs to be set aside and Preventive staff needs to be deployed at the borders.

Sources said with Taliban taking control, Afghanistan was no more a safe haven for India funded terrorist elements, such elements and their masters are not desperate to get them into Pakistan.

Withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has been a major setback for Indian plans and their investment. In a desperate bid India is supporting the rebels in Panjsher valley and supplying them with arms from their base in Tajikistan.

Once Taliban government is formed in the neighboring country, Pakistan’s exports to Afghanistan, Central Asian Countries and Russia would increase manifold.

Certainty and peace in Afghanistan will open up many opportunities in the region and several trade agreements are likely between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which would open trade routes to Central Asia and Russia.

Border security agencies would have this responsibility to stop smuggling and inflow of terrorist elements in the country, otherwise Pakistan’s economy would not benefit.

India is well aware of this scenario and has been trying to get the Wahga border opened giving access to Afghanistan and beyond. However, Pakistan has refused the demands to open Wahga border as this would also open doors for the influx of smuggled Indian goods into Pakistan including contraband items.

Indian access to Afghanistan through Pakistani land also poses the risk of Indian sponsored terrorism in Pakistan.

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