KARACHI:  The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made it mandatory for all international passengers both incoming and outgoing to file a Customs Declaration mentioning name, passport number, flight details, date and destination of arrival, description and value of currency/BNIs.

Moreover, the Collectorates managing airports shall procure passengers manifest from the representative of the airline before landing and identify “frequent flyers” and get their profiles from FIA/Immigration authorities.

The hand carry and booked baggage of these persons should be thoroughly searched to detect any restricted item. Similarly, the outgoing passengers may also be profiled and the baggage/hand carry of suspected passengers shall be thoroughly checked to discourage attempts of smuggling of any restricted items.

Collectorates managing Customs border stations are directed to scan the baggage of all incoming and outgoing passengers. Moreover, strict vigilance shall be kept on incoming/outgoing transport vehicles and to detect any attempts of smuggling of currency/gold and other contraband in import/export consignments.