SHC bench rejecting adjournment pleas, SHC comes hard on adjournment seekers

KARACHI: The customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh is rejecting please of adjournment made often by representatives/lawyers on panel of Pakistan Customs.

The bench is asking the applicants/ petitioners to argue the cases/petitions/ reference applications filed. When the counsel advances some reason and seeks adjournment, the bench is deciding the cases.

One such case SCRA 611 OF 2016 filed by Director (Enforcement) Directorate General of Intelligencxe & Investigations against one Sheikh ASl Habib. The bench noted that matter is pending since 2016 and counsel for applicant has not bothered even to get it fixed for hearing once.

Even today, the counsel is seeking adjournment on frivolous ground, the bench noted in its order dismissing the SCRA along with listed applications.

A similar order was passed in another SCRA 146 OF 2018 filed on behalf of Director General Custom Valuation versus Forte Marketting Services and  another against Pak Trading Co.

The bench said that since two previous dates fixed for hearing counsel for applicant department is seeking adjournment. The bench noted that counsel is absent without any intimation. The bench then dismissed the said SCRAs for non-prosecution.

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