KARACHI: Lawyer leaders from all over Pakistan decided to launch another country wide movement in protest over appointments of judges to superior courts.

Latif Afridi, aka Lala, President Supreme Court of Pakistan announced forced closure of apex court on Sept 09. Recalling incident of year 2007 during movement for restoration of judiciary he said he got one of his leg fractured while protesting and this time he is ready to got both his leg fractured but nothing could stop him from all huge sit in on Sept 09.

Criticizing the role of Federal Law Minister he asked Sindh Bar Council and Pakistan Bar to check educational credentials.

Hosted by Sindh High Court Bar Association Sardar Lateef Khosa, Hamid  Khan, Akhtar Hussain and Barrister Salahuddin Ahmed vowed to struggle for getting principle of seniority as fore most factor in appointment of judges to superior court.