KARACHI: Customs Preventive Karachi has renewed crackdown against smuggled betel nuts in Karachi, and seized large quantity of smuggled betel nut in two weeks.

On the directives of Collector Preventive Ferozalam Junejo, Additional Collector Umar Shafiq and Assistant Collector Shafiullah have sped up the anti-smuggling drive.

An official said there were many cases wherein the armed smugglers  attacked Customs staff to take back seized goods, but now ASO of Preventive is well prepared for such situations and such elements are now repelled and chased by the Customs authorities.

On 06-08-2021, team ASO intercepted a bus coming from Hub at Moachko choke point, the driver sped away the bus back to avoid checking. In a hot pursuit the team overcame and seized it from katcha areas (off road) along the 2.3 tons of betel nuts.

On 12-08-2021, on a credible information, team ASO intercepted a bus being guarded by multiple vehicles of smugglers in LEE market.

The smugglers gathered a mob and displayed their full resistance, however, the timely reinforcement overcame their resistance. The team seized the Bus along with the concealed 2.88 tons betel nuts, a Revo vehicle and arrested 02 accused.

On 17-08-2021, team ASO intercepted a HIACE, coming from Bus Terminal near SITE Area. The HIACE was being guarded by a convoy of smugglers, the resistance was expected and overcame aggressively. The team seized the HIACE along with the 3.0 tons of betel nuts.

The 03 operations within a span of 02 weeks established writ of Customs on road and gave a strong message to smugglers that resistance will not deter our resolve to curb smuggling.

An officials said there ws no smuggling from borders at the moment, and the earlier smuggled and dumped goods are now being transported to the country.