Being the apex body of Trade & Industry of Pakistan, FPCCI is always available to address the issues faced by the business community, said Sheikh Sultan Rehman Vice President FPCCI during the “Open House” discussion on the matters related to business, trade & industry organized at the Federation House Karachi.

While conducting the program, Sheikh Sultan Rehman said that on the instructions of Mian Anjum Nisar President FPCCI, for the very first time FPCCI has taken the initiative to hold series of “Open House” discussions on the third Saturday of every month and invited the business community to utilize this platform for effective networking and addressing the issues. The purpose of these “Open House” sessions is to discuss any matter related to trade and industry and is not confined to any one topic which is usually the case with other programs.

The session was attended by Mr. Naser Hyatt Magoon, Former President KCCI, Ms. Shabana Asif, SVP Women CCI South, Mr. Iftikhar Ghani Vohra Former SVP KCCI, Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan, Convener FPCCI Standing Committee on Small Traders, Mr. Amjad Rafi, Chairman Pak-Turkey Business Council of FPCCI, Mr. Shujaat Ahmed, Consultant from SDPI, Mr. Muhammad Ismail Kalpuria, Ms. Shafaq Zainuddin and Ms. Mahwash Syed.

During the discussion, Naseer Hyatt Magoon said that it is time that small and medium business owners must maintain documentation to avail the financing schemes from SBP. Amjad Rafi emphasized on the involvement of FPCCI and business community on important decision making. Iftikhar Vohra mentioned the issues of detention & demurrage faced by the importers while Shabana Asif highlted the issues faced by the exporters and women entrepreneurs during the lockdown and demanded government to provide interest and collateral free loans to the women entrepreneurs. Shujaat Ahmed offered research assistance to the business community which can be utilized in the policy making on government level. Mahwash Syed said that the pandemic followed by the rain and urban flooding has drastically damaged the small businesses in the country which need utmost attention of government authorities. Abdul Rehman Khan appreciated FPCCI on its efforts to provide support and cooperation to business community and recommended that government must provide zero rated loans to the small traders specially. Shafaq Zainuddin addressed the non-cooperative attitude of commercial banks in provision of financing loans to women and small business owners.

The participants highly appreciated this initiative and said that “Open House” sessions will provide them an opportunity to share their views/input, interact and network with members of the business community.

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