KARACHI: Pakistan reported highest number of new Corona virus cases and highest number of deaths in previous twenty four hours.

According to official figures 6133 cases were reported while 156 patients suffering from deadly disease list their lives.
The total number of Corona virus infected rose to 171666.
Federal Minister Asad Umar who heads NCOC also sounded a serious alert when he while bringing  the core committee of PTI said that Corona figures may shot up to an un-expected level.
Coincidentally the COVID or Corona virus spread has taken a deadly turn with it’s intensity increasing. Brazil followed by USA and India are seeing rapid rise in new cases and increasing number if deaths. With easing lockdown, the pandemic is becoming more dangerous.
Pakistan opened it’s air space for flights both in and out with reduced restrictions.
The smart lockdown in almost all major cities of Pakistan proves a failed attempt as citizens violates restrictions as well as SOPs.
Karachi is stated to be ahead in new cases of Corona and Pakistan Medical Association has demanded a total lockdown but  government is still hesitant to take a firm decision and any delay as per experts means total collapse of medical facilities leading to a dangerous situation.