KARACHI: Information was received through Collector Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Haroon Malik regarding presence of smuggled Cutch (Katha) at a warehouse in Jahanabad, Mewashah, Karachi.

Deputy Collector Muhammad Asim Awan formed a team headed by Superintendent Iftikhar Hasan to foil the attempt of distributing the smuggled goods further.

Customs team reached at the identified place and found that no one was present at the said Godown. Customs team waited considerable time for the owner/representative of the Godown but no one came forward to claim the ownership of the said Godown or the goods lying inside it.

The search of the warehouse found 620 blocks wrapped with gunny bags bearing assorted marks i.e. “AMRIT”, “SU”, “CWP Brand”, etc. containing foreign origin Cutch (Katha) and each block was packed in a wooden frame. These are Indian brands, while the words ‘Product of India’ had been blacked with a marker. Several blocks were wrapped in newspaper The Hindustan Times.

The goods weighing 31 tons were seized. Subsequently, one person Muhammad Waqas Bhatti appeared claiming to be the consultant of M/s Ajwa Enterprises and M/s Tollar Enterprises. He informed the cutch was Malaysian origin and was imported through M/s Ajwa Enterprises and M/s Tollar Enterprises and also presented 3 GDs in this regard. On scrutiny, no relevancy was observed in the detained cutch and the goods imported vide said GDs.

The value of the seized goods is Rs31 million. An Fir is lodged against Muhammad Waqas Bhatti, Muhammad Javed of M/s Ajwa Enterprises, Muhammad Saleem of M/s Tollar Enterprises, and others. Investigations are underway.


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