FBR to be reinstituted into seven Wings; staff into five Groups

KARACHI: The steering committee for restructuring of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has discussed to institute the Board into seven wings including Policy Wing; Audit Wing; Enforcement Wing; Law Wing; IT Wing; Research, Analysis & Human Resource Wing; and Administration Wing.

According to the proposed Terms of Reference (ToRs), as a second recourse a New Recruitment Policy is required to be framed for induction of the professionally skilled and qualified personnel after taking into view the functions to be performed by them into the various wings of the re-structured FBR.

The wings are proposed to perform important functions for efficient and effective discharge of official and administrative duties concerning to “enforcement of tax laws”, “registration/change of status & de-registration”, “monitoring and collection of revenue”, “detection of tax evasion and unlawful refund or tax adjustment”, “tax levy/ exemptions and indemnities”, “adjudication of tax cases and appeals regarding”, “MIS & IT related issues”, “complaints against taxpayers and tax officials” and “administrative matters of employees”.

It is proposed that in order to create conducive working environment there is a dire need of segregating staff and officers into five groups according to the functions and duties to be performed by them rather than employing and managing them into pay scales/grades.

Officials in BS-01 to BS-04 will be placed and posted in Group-V. They will perform support and assist functions in comfort of officials/officers posted in Group-IV, Group-III, Group-II and Group-I.

The existing officials (BS-5 to BS-15) will be placed in this Group-IV. The officials of this Group will perform secretarial and ministerial functions in help of discharge of functions of officers of Group-III, Group-II and Group-I.

The existing officers (BS-16 to BS-18) will be placed in this Group-III. The officers of this Group will perform field & supervisory functions like registration/de-registration, suspension/blacklisting, enforcement of returns, scrutiny/audit of records of the registered person, processing, sanctioning and rejection of refund claims, assessment/adjudication of tax, recovery of tax and investigation/prosecution etc.

The existing officers (BS-19 to BS-20) will be placed in Group-II. The officers of this Group will perform supervisory as well as other statutory functions including monitoring of the duties assigned to officers of Group-III.

The existing officers (BS-21 to BS-22) such as Chief Commissioners, Director Generals, Members, and Chairman including officers with any other designations will be placed in Group-I.

The officers of this Group will perform advisory and policy functions including monitoring of the duties assigned to officers of Group-II. They are obliged to take decisions on the reports submitted before them in the interest of revenue by issuing guidelines and clarifications in order to minimize the errors and to remove the deficiencies/inadequacies in the reports and will take up the matter for capacity building with object to improve performance of the subordinate officers.

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