Importers booked for illegally removing goods from bonded warehouse

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has lodged an FIR against certain accused for illegal removal of in-bonded goods without filing of ex-bond GD, thus evading legitimate government revenue.

In pursuance of information received from Collector Wajid Ali in the R&D section, Customs staff visited VIP Custom Bonded Warehouse, Karachi to examine the goods imported by a certain Karachi based importer.

During the inspection it was found that goods were illegally removed by the importer and their accomplices without filing of ex-bond Goods Declaration, thus, causing loss to the national exchequer.

Preliminary inquiry revealed that importers imported several consignments of miscellaneous goods and filed in-bond GDs for warehousing of the imported goods in VIP Warehouse. However, the importers and their accomplices illegally removed the goods in packages.

Goods in-bonded under 17 separate GDs pertaining to MCC Port Qasim were also found illegally removed from the warehouse.

The role of bonded warehouse M/s VIP Custom Bonded Warehouse is also being determined. The act has caused a loss of Rs10.89 million to the national exchequer.


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