MCC Peshawar seizes smuggled goods |

MCC Peshawar seizes smuggled goods

KARACHI: MCC Peshawar has been quite efficient against smuggling and made several seizures of foreign origin smuggled goods, which were being transported to urban centers of the country. In a latest action, the collectorate seized miscellaneous smuggled goods, which were being moved through a dumper truck. On information passed through Collector Peshawar Gul Rehman, Anti-smuggling Unit Shergarh seized  ladies cloth, Bopp film, spout chewing gum,  stainless steel fruit knives, steel screw, cutter blades, iron pad locks, liquid glue, travel chargers, CCTV cable wire along with a Dumper truck valuing Rs5.0 million. It may be mentioned here that authorities are pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign. Smuggling inflicts colossal loss to the economy as on one hand it deprives the exchequer of its legitimate revenue, deprives local businesses of level-playing field, and on the other hand money made from this dirty business funds terrorists and anti-social elements.
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