KARACHI: Sindh government’s second attempt to get rid of Inspector General Sindh Police Allah Dino Khawaja doomed again as a division bench of High Court of Sindh on Monday ordered Khawaja to re-assume charge while Acting IGP Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti.

The bench was hearing two applications filed against removal of Khawaja here on Monday. The bench heard Advocate General Sindh Zamir Ghumro and Fasial Siddiqui advocate for the petitioners belonging to civil society.

The bench raised a number of queries pertaining to Police Act 2002 which was repealed by Sindh government resotring Police Act of 1865 (Pre-partition law), Government of India Act 1935, Constitution of Pakistan 1956 and other constitutional instruments.

The bench said that tentatively, appointment of IGP of a province is vested with the provincial government , The bench however while suspending the impugned notifications dated 31-3-2017 and 1-4-2017 in repsect of Khawaja and Dasti asked the counsels to come prepared on law points so that the petition is decided finally.

The bench parting with a lengthy order suspended the impugned letters/notifications and ordered immediate restoration of A.D Khawaja while restrained Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti from holding office of IGP Sindh.