KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Arshad Hussain on Monday ordered provisional release of a consignment of used lap tops, tablets, play stations, USB connectors and other miscellaneous items against payment of custom duty and other taxes to the collectorate while the fine and penalty to be deposited with the Nazir of the SHC.

The bench earlier heard Dil Khurram Shaheen advocate appearing for the R.M. Impex. The counsel conceded that the Order in Original was against her clients against which an appeal is pending adjudication before Special Customs Appellate Tribunal.

She however praying for interim relief said that in view of loss to the petitioner due to increasing demurrage petitioner/ importer is ready to pay all government dues along-with fine and penalty.

As Kashif Nazeer counsel for customs did not oppose the plea of interim relief, the bench allowed the same directing Nazir to secure the deposit (security) after which consignment would be released forthwith.