FPCCI wants elimination of 1st Review by principal appraiser

KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has approached Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) seeking changes in the ‘first review by principal appraiser’ of imported consignments.

In a letter to Chairman FBR Nisar Mohammad Khan, FPCCI Vice President Khalid Tawab recommended that First Review should be straightaway filed with Assistant Collectors of the Groups as they are more competent and qualified to decide and conclude the case on merits.

A joint meeting of the following three Standing Committees of FPCCI by  Zahid Umar Chairman Valuation Committee; Sheikh Muhammad Tariq Chairman Custom Agents Committee and Nasir Chandna Sr. Vice Chairman Customs Committee.

In the meeting it was unanimously resolved that under Customs Weboc GD processing system, the role of Principal Appraiser with regards to 1st review is not facilitating the system.

It has become a big hurdle and cause of unnecessary delays. Making no additional benefit to government or trade. This additional step has not been fruitful to either side, instead causing bottlenecks in the flow of processing.

In the Weboc Appraisement parameters have been pre-fixed by the Automation Experts. In both the steps by the both officers, Appraiser and Principal Appraiser, follow the same criteria, same documentation, same examination report. Filing first review with PA, has been fruitless, and should be eliminated.

The 1st Review should be straight away filed with Assistant Collectors of the Group, they are more competent and qualified to decide and conclude the case on merits.

Currently most of people rush to Additional Collector, if any dispute arise, and happy with the role of ADC as a Dispute Resolution Authorities. Parameters, should be framed, parameters for 2nd review with ADC can be framed in light of previous record. The above change in Weboc will make clearance system more smoothly.

It may be mentioned here that the Customs Act has defined these roles and these cannot be done away without the amendment in the Act.

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