MCC Appraisement East wants several persons on ECL

KARACHI: In order to effect recovery of Rs2.442 billion, MCC Appraisement East is preparing the case so that names of several persons could be put on Exit Control List (ECL). These six persons are involved in the illegal and clandestine removal of 265 containers from QICT.

MCC Appraisement East has called all the case record and other relevant data pertaining to seven persons including Naeem Qureshi, Naila Jamal, Noshad Khan, Ashfaq Khan, Essa Khan, Faisal Shahzad and Jamal Durrani, so that a proper application could be forwarded to the concerned ministry.

Customs Intelligence & Investigation – Faisalabad in 2007 had detected the case and caught three containers, which were fraudulently removed from QICT without payment of duty and taxes. Other Directorates also detected the case and caught containers. These 265 containers contained high valued products including electronics, auto-parts etc.

Later, Customs collected the data, cross verified with the IGMs and calculated the amount recoverable.

Collector Appraisement East Ashad Jawad has formed three teams headed by Deputy Collector  Hina Gul. These three teams are headed by Principal Appraisers Sultan Aurungzeb, Mehtab and Najam Saquib. It may be mentioned here that these three teams are making arrangements for the auction of properties attached of those involved in the scam.

The case was detected in 2007 and uptill 2011 several adjudication and recovery orders were issued. However, Collector Ashad Jawad has started the recovery campaign.

It may be mentioned here that former Member FBR Hafiz Anis (Late) headed a probe committee to investigate the case and after he submitted the report, several officers and officials were dismissed/suspended from Preventive Collectorate, PaCCS Collectorate and Port Qasim Collectorate.

However, further investigations revealed that the ring involved in illegal and fraudulent removal of imported containers actually had taken advantage of the flaws in PaCCS and manual system, and the officers and officials were not involved. It was found that the PaCCS system had been newly introduced then and there were some loopholes in the transition.

Customs has prepared a list of persons involved and amount recoverable against them. These include Aamir Niazi (Rs3.8 million),  Abdullah Enterprises (Rs5.0 million) Al-Huraim International (Rs20 million), Ali Raza (Rs10 million), Allah Buksh(Rs40.20 million), Al-Mehran Traders (Rs36.9 million), Al-Qutab Enterprises (Rs26 million), Amin S/o Muhammad Azeem (Rs1.0 million), Arain Logistics (Rs1.20 million), Ashfaq Khan (Rs101 million), Aslam Niazi (Rs13.6 million), Aurangzeb S/o Haji Latif (Rs12 million), Babar Hussain S/o Adalat Hussain (Rs52.1 million), Baig Impex (Rs1.0 million), Barkat Khan S/o Qawat Khan (Rs4.0 million), Breeze Impex (Rs10 million), Choudhary Brothers (Rs5 million), Common Trade Agency (Rs9 million), DP World (Rs155.1 million), Dynapac Services (Rs6.0 million), Ehsan Khan Niazi S/o Sher Khan Niazi (Rs50,000) Essa Khan (Rs86.5 million), Faisal Enterprises (Rs6.05 million), Faisal Shahzad (Rs142.1 million), Farham Ibrahim (Rs47.3 million), Feroz Khan (Rs20,000) Ghulam Mustafa (Rs4 million), Great Wall (Rs5 million), Gul Wazir S/o Manoor Khan (Rs9.69 million), Habibullah Khan S/o Feroz Khan (Rs250,000 ) Habib-ur-Rehman S/o Rooh-ul-Amin (Rs600,000) Hafiz Brothers & Co (Rs5.0 million), Haji Naseeb (Rs50,000),  Haji Sharaf Khan Alias Sharab Khan S/o Bahadur (Rs2.5 million), Haram Traders (Rs6.0 million), Ijaz Hakeem S/o Hakeemuddin Ahmed (645,000), Ijaz Munir (Rs20,000), Inam S/o Umair Said (Rs18.9 million), Iqbal Associates  (Rs7.1 million), Jamal Durrani (Rs69.89 million), Kamran Butt S/o Khushnood Hussain (Rs9.5 million), Karam International (Rs5 million),  Kashan Trading Co (Rs15 million), Imex International (Rs30 million),  Malik Enterprises (Rs20 million),  Malik Faisal Awan (Rs550,000), Mazhar Iqbal Siddiqui Director, Planning & Development of X-On Group of Com (Rs8 million),   Mehdi Raza Shaikh S/o Nusrat Ali Shaikh (Rs30 million), Mian Adnan Zulfiqar (Rs10 million),  Mian Trading Company (Rs13 million), Minhaj Ali S/o Raza Hussain (Rs60,000),  Misbah Trading Co. (Rs20 million), Moon Trading (Rs2.5 million), Ghulam Nabi (Rs2 million), Muhammad Rahim S/o Muhammad Azeem (Rs1 million),  Muhammad Shahbaz S/o Muhammad Aslam (Rs603,701), Multi Trade International (Rs40 million),  Musafa International (Rs19 million), N.J. International (Rs181.403 million), Naeem Qureshi (Rs720.195 million), Nagina Electronics (Rs15.9 million), Naila Jamal (Rs63.97 million), Nexu Trading (Rs5 million), Nisar Ahmed s/o Sher Dad (Rs24 million), Noshad Khan S/o Umair Said (Rs63.7 million), Rana Muhammad Nisar S/o Babu Muhammad Afzal (Rs4.5 million), Rana Muhammad Saleem (Rs500,000), Raza Traders (Rs32.1 million),  Raziq Dino Jokhio S/o Din Muhammad Jokhio (Rs11.3 million), Riaz (Rs1 million), Rizwan Khan S/o Amal Said (Rs17 million), Sadiq Ali Raza S/o Nusrat Ali Shaikh (Rs6 million), Salman Zahoor S/o Zahoor (Rs2 million), Sarah Trading Corporation(Rs5 million), Shah Trading Co (Rs16.2 million), Shahid Iqbal (RS9.7 million)  Shahid Pathan (RS9.6 million),  Shakoor Alam (RS2.96 million),  Star Trading (RS22.1 million),  Syed Wajid Hussain Shah (RS4 million), Taimore International (RS12 million), Taimur Rashid S/o Abdul Rashid (RS2.0 million), Taj Ali S/o Umair Said (RS18.9 million),  Tariq Mehmood S/o Karam Ellahi (Rs50,000), United Traders (RS5.0 million), Yahya Traders (RS30 million),  Zahid Islam (RS1.3 million) and Zak Logistics (Rs3.4 million).

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