PIA employee arrested in 27KG heroin smuggling case

KARACHI: The Investigation & Prosecution (I&P) of MCC Preventive has arrested one Malik Abdul Ghafoor for his involvement in transporting heroin through PIA aircraft.

Authorities had recovered 27kg of heroin from a PIA flight which went to Jeddah and then returned. Ources said that the narcotics were hidden in the cabin of the crew and was to be unloaded in Jeddah but it could not be done, so the narcotics came back and were found by the authorities.

Collector Saifuddin Jeunejo had advised the formation to make all efforts to arrest the culprits and bust the gang involved in this dirty business. Investigation Officer Bashir Bhutto and I&P team traced the accused and arrested him.

Malik Abdul Ghafoor is a PIA employee. FIR was lodged on May 25, 2016. I&P has secured remand till October 04, 2016. Initial interrogation revealed that there were others also involved in this transportation of narcotics. There are chances that some senior PIA employee was patronizing this.

It may be mentioned here that three former loaders of PIA are known to be multi-millionaires. One person Imran is already arrested by ANF while Sohail was arrested in Islamabad. These were PIA employees and were transporting narcotics to other countries through the PIA aircraft.

This is a high-profile case and a joint investigation is being conducted. Joint investigations are led by Customs and the joint team comprises of ASF and ANF.

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