Indian cloth importer petition adjourned on request

Indian cloth importer petition adjourned on request

KARACHI: A divisional bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan on Tuesday adjourned hearing of a constitution petition filed by M R and Sons on request by counsel for petitioner.

According to petitioner company it imported a consignment from Jebal e ali Dubai and filed a Goods Declaration before the Pakistan Customs on its WeBOC system. The customs duty and other taxes were paid and goods were cleared from the Port Muhammad Bin Qasim (PMBQ) but the consignment was intercepted at Chamra Chowrangi and later was detained by the custom authorities.

The petitioner maintains that they have paid all duties and taxes and goods were detained out of customs area after release which is illegal. The petitioner seeks release of consignment without delay.

According to petitioner the consignment include polyester embroidered sarees of assorted designs and colours, un-dyed polyester grey fabric printed polyester fabrics.

According to Pakistan Customs, they continue to unearth and detain Indian cloth and textile smuggled into Pakistan and importers who have filed petitions are now avoiding hearing of their pleas before court.[the_ad id="31605"]

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