KARACHI: The Directorate of Transit Trade has seized a huge quantity of banned and undeclared goods, which were being smuggled within Pakistan through transit trade.

According to details, information was received that a huge quantity of undeclared items including banned items (banned under Transit Trade SRO 151/2004) would be smuggled within Pakistan through Transit Trade consequently the Director of Transit Trade Karachi deputed Shoaib Raza Deputy Director Transit Trade East Wharf for detailed intrusive inspection of the consignment imported from China.

The Goods declaration (GD) declared the description and quantity as Padlock 1105 cartons, Bulb 80 cartons, Nail cutter 30 cartons, Drawer lock 60 cartons, Electric breaker 100 cartons, Scissors 10 cartons, Hand tools 25 cartons, Emery Cloth 100 cartons, Iron 150 cartons, Solar Fans 40 cartons and Pencils 20 cartons.

The consignment was examined it was found to be rifle barrel forearm, rifle telescope, rifle scope, rifle scope mount, battery terminals, lead acid batteries, sterile surgical structure and solar power charge controllers. The undeclared goods have been seized and further proceedings are underway.

Sources said that investigations would likely focus transportation of goods that may be used in terrorism activities in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.

It may be mentioned here that Afghanistan has been blaming Pakistan for terrorist activities in Afghanistan and its is likely that some other forces are bent upon impacting relations between the two countries.