Auction for vehicles at RTO Bahawalpur on October 27

KARACHI: Auction for vehicles to be held on October 27, 2014 at Regional Tax Office (RTO) Bahawalpur at 1:00 pm.
The auction-able vehicles are included:
BRE-8217 Suzuki Potohar 1995-1000CC;
RNF-3020 Honda Motorcycle 1992-CG-125;
RNF-4024 Honda Motorcycle 1992-CG-125;
BNB-6168 Honda Motorcycle 1992-CG-125;
RNG-8526 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
BRE-494 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
BRE-7850 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
BRE-7848 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
BRE-814 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
RNG-8525 Yamaha 1994-100CC;
LHY-9944 Yamaha 1989-100CC;
FDT-2380 Suzuki 1996-100CC

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