KARACHI: The Collectorate of Customs Adjudication has served a show cause notice on M/s Bismillah Industry for depriving the government of its legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs4.888 million through mis-declaring the description and PCT heading of the imported goods.

According to details, Bismillah industry imported a consignment declared to contain Zinc Coated Coils Alloy Steel Sheet Secondary Quality weighting 438 MT and filed GD claiming classification under PCT heading 7225.9900 chargeable to customs duty of 5%.

The GD was referred to shed staff for physical examination of the goods and a representative samples was sent for laboratory test. Subsequently, it was been found that the chemical composition of imported goods render it classifiable as non alloy steel sheets under PCT heading 7210.4910 chargeable to Customs Duty of 20%.

M/s. Bismillah industry, mis-declared the description and PCT heading of the imported goods in order to avoid higher tariff rate with intent to hoodwink the government’s legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs.4.888 million.

The importer has been served the show cause notice and hearing in this regard has been fixed for September 04, 2014.