KARACHI: The Karachi Customs Agents Association – as the main port user – has sensitized customs authorities regarding delay and pendency in the grounding of containers for examination. The delay in grounding of containers reached up to seven days approximate 900 containers.
This situation is causing delay in clearance of cargo from port and in the near future the port seems to be chocked for the backlog, KCAA said on Saturday.
Currently, the pendency of examination marked container waiting for grounding reached up to 900 TEUs which is increasing day by day, as on daily basis examination is being marked up to 350 containers whereas the capacity in the examination area is just 200 containers.
The KCAA has suggested that KICT may increase labor for arranging the cargo for examination at the cost of labor in the shape of examination charges are being collected from the consignee, whereas due to insufficient and unskilled labor the cargo is not properly handled for examination.
It is further suggested by the KCAA that KICTL may shift the examined container immediately after completion of examination and arrange for container grounding after even 12 hours instead of grounding once in 24 hours.