KARACHI: The adjudication collectorate issued Order-in-Original (ONO) against M/s Mohsin Enterprises for misdeclaration as examination found excess weight.
The customs authorities reported that the contravention was established due to excess weight found in the consignment. In reply to the show cause notice, the representative of the importer appeared and submitted that the declaration was made as per import documents. No other argument was forwarded to defend the charges of misdeclaration.
The adjudication collectorate observed that charges leveled against importers established. It observed that the importer may release the consignments on payment of fine equal to 20 percent of the value of impugned goods to the tune of Rs39,760 in addition to leviable duty and taxes. A penalty of Rs10,000 is also imposed on the importer.
The collectorate stated that the goods may be released after assessing on statutory rate of duty and taxes and after application of valuation rulings/advice or any other assessment data available on record.