KARACHI: The Collector of Customs MCC Port Qasim, Dr. Jawwad Uwais Agha has issued an alert to South Appraisement regarding import of counterfeited packing material keeping in view that counterfeits may have been cleared by the importers by hoodwinking the Customs authority. The alert was issued after a consignment of counterfeit packing material was seized at MCC Port Qasim.

It may be mentioned that the CIU of Model Customs Collectorate of Port Mohammad Bin Qasim has seized a consignment of M/s Samana Sons comprising of empty tubes with caps printed with Indian brands for packing of face wash and hair gel etc., which were to be used for distributing counterfeited products in the country.

The consignment had been found consisting of ‘Packing Material – Empty Plastic Tubes with Caps for packing of Face Wash, Hair Gel etc of assorted types and colors, Brand ’HAMALAYA’, ‘SET WET’ etc bearing the name and addresses of these brands’ manufacturing units in India.

The goods clearly appeared to be counterfeit, therefore the importer was asked to come up with proper grounds, however the importer failed to produce any authorization/license to import the said goods and thus the goods stood as counterfeits.

The imported has also been found to have cleared consignments of similar goods earlier. “Keeping in view that similar counterfeits may have been cleared by the importer hoodwinking the customs authority, it is therefore requested that the record of the Goods Declaration uploaded by the importer may be scrutinized and appropriate action may be taken in accordance with law,” the alert noted.