KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue on Thursday announced the promotion of BS-18 officers of Pakistan Customs Service to the post of Additional Collectors (BS-19) with immediate effect.
The officers included:-
1. Mr. Sami-ul-Haq
2. Mr. Amjad-ur-Rahman
3. Kh. Khurram Naeem
4. Mr. Abdul Waheed Marwat
5. Mr. Ijaz Badshah
6. Dr. Nasir Khan
7. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Memon
8. Mr. Yousaf Haider Orakzai
9. Mr. Qasim Hafeez Cheema
10. Syed Aftab Haider
11. Mr. Muhammad Nayyar Shafiq
12. Ms. Ayesha Niaz
13. Mr. Shoukat Ali
14. Mr. Azhar Hussain Merchant
15. Mr. Jameel Ahmed Baloch
16. Ms. Zahra Haider
17. Mr. Rizwan Salabat
18. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa
19. Mr. Junaid Ahmed Memon
20. Ms. Sameera Sheikh*
21. Mr. Naveed Illahi
22. Ms. Beelam Ramzan
23. Ms. Mehreen Naseem
24. Ms. Saadia Sheeraz
25. Mr. Muhammad Haris Ansari
26. Dr. Shahab Imam
27. Ms. Rabia Iffat*
28. Mr. Taimoor Kamal Malik*
29. Mr. Karam Elahi
30. Syed Mahmood Hassan
31. S. M. Ali Zaman Gardezi
32. Mr. Muhammad Asif
33. Ms. Ayesha Bashir Wani
34. Ms. Mona Aslam
35. Mr. Nisar Ahmad
36. Mr. Rizwan Basharat
37. Mr. Tasleem Akhtar
38. Mr. Muhammad Farukh Sharif
39. Mr. Omar Shafique
40. Mr. Muhammad Raza
41. Syed Fazal Samad
The officers appearing at Serial No. 20, 27 & 28 will actualize their promotion from the date they return from deputation and join FBR or stand repatriated to the Customs Department.
The officers who are already working in BS-19 on OPS basis will actualize their promotion against these posts. The officers who are on BS-18 positions may actualize their promotions in same office with immediate effect.
The Officers who were drawing performance allowance prior to issuance of this notification shall continue to draw this allowance on their promotion.