KARACHI: Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Pakistan Customs has seized contraband liquor ‘whisky’ worth millions of rupees which was smuggled from Gulf States through sea routes, a press release issued on Tuesday.
After collaborative efforts, the Model Customs Collectorate Preventive and ASO have recovered more than 1000 bottles of whisky of foreign origin from the Eastern Sector of Karachi.
“An operational strategy was designed by the ACP/HQ to foil this attempt of smuggling.” The concerned authority deployed a special team of officers and staff of Anti Smuggling to foil the attempt accordingly, a press release said.
The authorities have taken strict measures to prevent the smuggling in this regard strict surveillance and patrolling both by sea and land was maintained in both the Western and Eastern sector as a result of which the smuggler got no space and were compelled to dump the smuggled whisky in the sandy mud area of eastern sector with the danger of apprehension.
Press release said that the customs officers after hectic efforts succeeded to locate the help of iron rod, spades and other tools and recovered the smuggled foreign origin liquor duly packed in jute bags.”
According to reports, the FIR has also been lodged in the Customs Court and further investigation is in progress to apprehend accused persons, financiers and abettors behind this multimillion rupees syndicate.