KARACHI: The web-based customs clearing system (WeBOC) has been implemented at NLC Container Terminal (NLCCT) and Al-Hamd International Container Terminal on February 26, 2014 while the WeBOC system would be put in place at KPT West Wharf and East Wharf in the first week of March, 2014.
However, the WeBOC system incurred some technical difficulties at NLCCT and no clearance of LCL cargo could be carried on the entire day.
General Secretary Karachi Customs Agents Association, Faisal Mushtaq told Customnews.pk that all the vehicles were returned from the NLCCT and there was no clearance at the terminal at all.
Mushtaq said the situation resulted in severe frustration among importers and Customs agents adding that the authorities should prepare some contingency plan or standby an alternate arrangement before such developments so that the time could be saved and affairs could proceed.
When contacted, Addition Director WeBOC, Aftab Haider informed that after preparing the electronic data inter-exchange (EDI) system, WeBOC was launched at NLCCT and Al-Hamd Terminal adding that all the testing exercised had been executed and standardized procedures were followed one week before the launch.
About the technical difficulty at NLCCT, Aftab Haider said that the problem was not in the WeBOC system, but the terminal operator was not using the system properly. He said due to some sort of syntax error, the WeBOC system was not receiving the operatoras message.
The WeBOC team detected the problem and guided the terminal operator about the system and the problem was solved late on Wednesday evening.
Aftab Haider said WeBOC was being implemented in the entire country and by March first week it would be implemented at KPT West and East Wharf.
He said that WeBOC project time was dedicatedly implementing the system in the country and they ensured that all the testing and mock exercises were executed before the launch so that any technical glitch could be avoided.