Dr M Zubair
KARACHI: Dr. Muhammad Zubair, Chief, International Customs has said that the Customs fraternity around the globe is celebrating International Customs Day on 26th January, 2014to promote communication under the slogan “Communication: sharing information for better practices”.
The purpose would be to enhance the communication and information sharing practices among the concerned government departments / agencies, the trade community and public.
The role of Customs department has been evolved in the last decade from mere revenue collection to front line agency for safety of global supply chain and combating transnational crimes like money laundering, terrorism, drugs & human trafficking, etc. This necessitates cooperation of various government department/agencies, trade community including public to exchange information with Customs Department for effective enforcement and risk management to ward-off potential threats to the economy and country.
The advancement in Information Technology has paved the way for exchange of data/information between stakeholders and creation of effective communication system and network to share and transmit information. Pakistan Customs has also developed a web-based cargo clearance automated system (WEBOC) that provides an effective platform for establishing, connectivity and linkages for exchange of information between concerned government departments/agencies and business community.
Further, to promote the exchanging of information between Customs and agencies working on border exit stations, numbers of MoUs are under consideration to develop an effective and integrated border management solution for expeditious and risk-free clearances of transit cargo. Moreover, a public outreach program is also underway whereby all field formations of Pakistan Customs would organize meetings with trade community to enhance cooperation through exchange of information and ideas for the betterment and facilitation of trade.
Pakistan Customs is mindful of the fast changing trade dynamics and keeps on enhancing capacity of its human recourse to address the confronted challenges in effective manner.