KARACHI: Establishment Division has issued a list of nominated Officers of Inland Revenue Services (IRS) of BS-18-17 for 17th Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) at National Institute of Management (NIM), a circular said on Monday.
The following IRS officers are included:
NIM, Karachi
1. Muhammad Shamim, DCIR, RTO, Hyderabad.
2. Maryam Habib, DCIR, RTO-II, Karachi.
3. Pervez Ahmed Shar, Additional Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Sukkur.
4. Amjad Hussain Memon, DCIR, RTO, Hyderabad.
5. Mirza Nisar Ali, DCIR, LTU Karachi.
6. Riaz Ali Shah, DCIR, RTO-III, Karachi.
7. Kashif Azhar, DCIR, RTO Multan.
8. Iqbal Ahmed Sheikh, DCIR, Hyderabad.
9. Makhno Khan Mahar, Addl.Commissoner (OPS), RTO, Sukkur.
10. Wali Muhammad Sheikh, DCIR, RTO-II, Karachi.
11. Abid Aziz Memon, DCIR, LTU, Karachi.
12. Ajaz Hussain Memon, DCIR, LTU, Karachi.
NIM, Lahore
1. Iram Shabbir, DCIR, RTO, Lahore.
2. Imran Hayee Khan, DCIR, LTU, Lahore.
3. Faisal Asghar, DCIR, LTU, Lahore.
4. Azmat Hayat Ranja, DCIR, RTO-II, Lahore.
5. Mian Muhammad Majid Hayat, Dy. Director, DOT (IR), Lahore.
6. Attique-ur-Rehman Mughal , DCIR, RTO, Lahore.
7. Bushra Fatima, DCIR, RTO, Lahore.
8. Nayyar Mehmood, DCIR, LTU Lahore.
9. Atif Bashir, DCIR, RTO, Faisalabad.
10. Ali Adnan Khan, DCIR, LTU, Lahore.
11. Ashfaq Ahmad, DCIR, RTO, Lahore.
12. Dr Shazia Gul, DCIR, RTO-II, Lahore.
13. Shagufta Zareen, Deputy Director, DOT (IR), Lahore.
14. Sahibzada Umar Riaz, DCIR, LTU, Lahore.
15. Dr Muhammad Athar Ishaq, DCIR, RTO, Multan.
16. Shahid Sattar, DCIR, RTO, Lahore.
NIM, Peshawar
1. Fazl-e-Subhan, Director, BISP, Islamabad.
2. Said Munaf, DCIR, LTU, Islamabad.
3. Shaukat Hayat, DCIR, RTO, Peshawar.
4. Sajida Kausar, Secretary, FBR Islamabad.
5. Fazli Malik, DCIR, RTO, Peshawar.
6. Farzana Gohar Ali, Dy. Director, I&I (IR), Faisalabad.
7. Ashfaq Masood, DCIR, RTO, Peshawar.
8. Muhammad Zaheer Qureshi, Secretary FBR, Islamabad.
9. Muhammad Asif, DCIR, RTO Abbottabad.
10. Syed Khalid Shah, DCIR, RTO Peshawar.
11. Mazhar Iqbal, Secretary FBR, Islamabad.
12. Tauqeer Ahmed, Dy.Director, I&I (IR), Islamabad.
13. Ghulam Sarwar Shah, Secretary FBR, Islamabad.
14. Riaz Muhammad, DCIR, RTO, Peshawar.
15. Hayat Muhammad, Addl. Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Abbottabad.
NIM, Quetta
1. Sardar Temur Khan Durrani, DCIR, RTO-II, Karachi.
2. Rehmatullah Khan Durrani, DCIR, RTO, Quetta.
3. Syed Salahuddin Gillani, DCIR, RTO-III, Karachi.
4. Abdul Rehman Khilji, Addl. Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Quetta.
NIM, Islamabad
1. Ziaullah Khan, DCIR, RTO, Islamabad.
2. Sumira Mehmood Qazi, Secretary FBR, Islamabad.
3. Shahid Soomro, Secretary, FBR Islamabad.
4. Syed Mazhar Hussain Shah, Secretary FBR Islamabad.
It said that above mentioned officers are required to report at their respective institutes at NIMs Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar on 3-1-2014 similarly in Quetta, Islamabad on 28-2-2014. The intimation of proceedings on training may be invariably be furnished to the board.