KARACHI: Auction for left over, fresh lots of general cargo and vehicles will be commenced from January 2 to 10, 2014 at West Wharf by Pakisran Customs, a notification issued on Tuesday.
Government Auctioneer Moinuddin Chishti has informed formally to the Presidents of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) about the auctions which are being held in the month of January 2014.
According to Chishti, “a successful bidder will require to pay 25 percent of the earnest money on the spot and the balance amount will be paid after seven days from the lot by competent authority.”
The auction-able left over lots of general cargo goods are included:
Tyre scrap; motor parts/elec motor; monitor printer; machinery relay; nickle sulphate in plastic DRMS/CANS 9 DRMS; computer speaker; old and used x-ray machine; wooden furniture; O/U Iron Plate metal pilky; metal fixed ring; sports goods dyed trouser jumping role; used medical equipment; old and used battery scrap; air condition asseccories for motor car parts; digital electric scale; photo stat machine; chemical; new air filter 3CT; bulb 200W; bulb 300W; wooden scak; plastic lunch box; parasinect type clothes; sticker 2 CTNs catalog bio rad; springs leares; wooden stairs; old and usedcomputers accessories; wood made polished furniture; molding thread winding machine & textile machinery; remote control mould for air condition wall; parts for; wood made frames; furmiture wooden; household goods; decoration pieces; calender 2007-2008; printed material; relays alumminium plastic coated film roll; printed books/assorted tiles, tyre scrap; remote control/phot card/adopter; electric plugs glass of fla GYMA labortaries 01 drum; sash labortories 01 drum; SASH ASYS studs nut.
Aluminium scrap; auto parts; aluminium scrap; empty material box printed; used shoes 235 bales; cotton waste PP bags; decoration light 288in CTN; hertrecveny qteamboiler equipment erection etc; molokia seed; 160 drums mouslises; tyre with rim; 1 PLTs 100 PLts polyster yard; O/CTN state pencil ; O/U palele trolley with wheel; auto parts; paper cutting =, 16 drums toluene DIL So cyntate; natural recycled granules; prinho holy books assorted; fine cally bricks; hardner MEC-75 epoxy resin; sulphur yellow on glamour; calcium cabide; bowlers; dry battery cell ball pens etc; eva sheet assorted color; real fining leather; leather dacket 1 coat; old and used leather finishing/grinding machine 1.5 horsepower; plertic shopping/PAEUNG bags aluminium foil printed waste papwer and etc; send box; gas kite alveolit gas kite loose; telephone set shad 25;medical equipment; new computerised embroidery machine; wood made polished furniture; plstic cans; hair skins dryer 222 Pcs dish wash 36 Pcs; full automatic washing machine electronic water level 40 Pcs; old and used ballbearing; used tyres etc; auto parts for lifters oil filters & tyres BWIB; Old and used wooden pallets; used iron strips frame scrap.
Old and used plastic can used value 7 Pcs old and used cable; desriphire show an computer sheeb talcum powder; cotton yarn on cons packed in ANDPP bags; despnat marked on goods in bulk; used compressor scrap; old and used waste metals prings; polyater bounded fabric; poly 80 percent Acrylic; polyster fabric; old and used waste metals prings; old and used metals prings; generator set & vaccum cleanre; crates water cooled; auto parts; auto parts scrap; old and used computer monitor assorted size 14’ and 15 “ = 1000 pcs; bedlifitqty 04 Nos; glass culets assorted; aluminium mirror double coated eachpallet 50 pcs; cement concrete block each 192 pc total 960 pcs.
Motor cover body; new valve PV 100/100; hose pipe and tools; dialysis machine; heatinng tube tank; electric drill press machine; gallen komp; used pully (genuine detroit diesel) used heavy radiator; cable for hard disk; used assorted size bearing 2390 kg used bearing part ball outercover 810 kg; parts; refrigerator computer printer 3 pcs assorted medical equipment 70pcs trolly stand 23 pcs safe lacky 2 pcs printer 1 pc weighing scale 5 pcs diable chair 3 pcs; water can pcs.
An auction for left over vehicles will be held on January 9 to 10, 2014 at West Wharf and vehicles are included:
O/U truck six wheeler; Toyota camry left hand drive; Mitsubishi Lancer; toyota DX probax model 2007; Toyota Vitz front damage model 2006; used Nissar pick CCPI clipper; Suzuki Wagonar model 2009; used Suzuki car; ussed Nissar Micra car model 2008; used Nissan March model 2008; used Suzuki pickup model 2008; used toyota Axio car model 2007; used Mazda Axio car model 2010; used Toyota wish car; used Suzuki Sx4 model 2007; BMW Jeep x3 model 2007; old and used fire engine model 1997; used Toyota Corolla model 2008; used Mazda serium model 2007; used 6 wheeler oil tanker truck.
Sanyo Gulf Car; Suzuki Alto; Toyota Passo; Toyota Vitz; used Hino truck cabin 6 wheeler; old and used titan Mazda Dump ruck; old and used Hino truck cabin; old and used titan Mazda Dump truck 6 wheeler; old and used model 1996 CH NO WGF AK 100757; old and used Mazda Dump truck of model 1993, 1992, 1994.
Auction of fresh lots of general cargo commenced from January 2 to 10, 2014 and auction-able goods are included:
SH clothing; gents cotton; ready made garments; derpnat marked on good in bulk; prmtai almmin finl; EDTA (ethycene diamine tetraaceiicacid; used compressor scrap; both side coated art pages glossy assorted used tyre scrap; dyes in powder from packed in CTN KIR active yello meugi kiractive black HFGR; hand tool new; used tyres; used tyres; machinery parts used; heating tube tank vessel; auto parts iron steel shaft; used tyres; PSASSKLE pipe steel plate; cam shaft assorted type auto parts; electric motor parts; watch parts; diesel enginer parts; PVC cable call cutting scrap; excilxator parts details are in additional shaft 4 pcs itydralic gear 6 pcs nut/bait 1600 kg hyclrnic cylinder 4 pcs and etc.