KARACHI: Pakistan Customs to conduct auction of over lots of general cargo from December 26 to 31, 2013 lying at BOML, Karachi Port.
The following auction-able general cargo goods are included:
PVC Plastic: Poly bag ldies service shoes; unprinted metallised polypropylene file electronic capacitor; PVC bags; PVC sheets in rell; PVC sheets in rell; empty PVC vinyl bage; plastic dices; plastic trays 2 Pcs. Plastic boxes 2PCS; empty plastic bags with two bottom size; empty unprinted PP bags; printed poly bags; hanger and size indicator.
Chapter PCT MSA: Complete new CNG/LPG conversion kit with all accss; old and used floppy disk drives; electrical heated ventical stear stelislier unit with wasting disinfector; old and used keyboard 97 Pcs; old and used electronic trade mill type remref; old and used CD ROM various model; old and used hard disk, flopy disk; oleodinamic material; vaccium fornace (cast iron & sockets); electrical oven in broken condition damage; new computerized embroidery machine with STD ACCSS; new branded refield roll; new vine cooler (single door refrigerator) type/gas 2 Pcs; pharmaceutical machinery stability chamber of drug; old and used laser jet cartridge; textile metal parts (break Assy); new ponttry feed die; laser machine TYP-BJP 12901/O China; hydile hose pipe/ seal/ oring kit different/ ring different size/2 way reducer valve/pressure gauge; new floor penal for lift size; computer fan DC, spare parts for loeche roller grinding mills lm; old and used CNC jurret punch machine part noltcher device 2 PCD used coiler 1 Pcs old and used iron sheet multiline shutting machine; air shelder/air bag equipment /tool, patch kit 2.15 meter extension cable, ring compressor , hammer tools, air bag /air shelder complete kit; fan blade; new computer cashing; split type A/C solar water heater with tubing; new drilling rig part; micro processing controlled packing machine with STD accessories; duel power supply A/C D/C rechargeable solar fan mlti functional fan/light; air slide fan with motor type; aixel fan blade; seed germination unit chamber size seed precision divider GAMET seed blower dacota type-1 computerized seed counter handy data logging moisture; automatic electric gas burner with STD accessories; new industrial sewing machine complete set; parts for machinery (new mourit kit top); die set lower punches upper punches master mould; new hydrolic bottle jack cap; portable hydraulic lift; axial bearing connecting rod bolt delivery fuel injector O/ring nut piston roller temperature feeler; reciprocating piston type water cooler compressor; personal computer set CPU with mouse key board HP Compaq elite micro tower; solar water heater; water filtration system filter midia and replacement of filtration system; plug valve cast iron China.
Chapter 85 MSA: Elec. Terminal connector; PCB ASSY/board; old and used powder supply; new credit card/visa card cahrgew machine with all accessories; roti warmer; antennas; new automatic A/C D/C inventor/charger; old and used generator parts; new line instaltive ups with battery new UPS with new UPS battery; electric motor SSSHAFT couply & socket; solar water heater out door unit jiko; LCD colour monitor & TV with remote control color monitors with TV 1 set; rubber mould high voltage transformer pressure meter rubber; new motor capacitor/fan capacitor; new heater excharger; new motor & fan capacitor; plastic extriddeh heater; DC-wall fan (cooling fan); old and used diesel generator; old and used three phase for electric motor heavy; heating resistance element large small; advanced quality lincer actuator; solar vacuum tube; old and used LCD monitor size LCD with CPU; pure sine wave inverter type solar controller charger; 3 phase electric motor with speed reducer; PVC panal sealed lead acrd battery solar cookers charger controller; new transformer; new cable with connector red/black colour; new sewing gate magnetic limit switch power with STD accessories; used control server reputer hub control switch media module new network new power module new net work new power module new wireless adopter; new solar panal solar UPS inverter; new heating element rod power not found size; new silbet generator digital operated; MCD module/relay module/diode module/diode module telepim/iskramatic module; on line UPS with batteries power 6 KVA; pressure control switch for water pump; over load protector; solar penal power; high definition digital satellite receiver; gasoline generator.
Chapter 90 MSA: Used Medical C arm with all std accss type multi spot k 44; New digitiza lectra table with std complete set; used human ventilators for charity; electronics ballast lvd inducting lamp 80w; surveying equipment (theodoirle); mosquito forcep 1.5 cn 4045 pcs. Baumgartner needle holder 1020 pcs; spencer wells artery 6057 pcs; dry view laser model dry view 8900 brand Kodak; old d & used hydrolc unit 2 pcs. Used tri stand 1 pcs used metal ring lock 3 pcs.
Paper waste books/catalogue: waste paper; chemical cateloge waste paper; prited cataloges; cataloges books; hang tags printers; technical cataloges; fuji printed catalogues industrial catalogues total 260 pcs; printed catalogues ; printed brochers 550 pcs; paper scrap consisting of over issue calenders year 2011; paper scrap consisting of over issue calanders year 2011; empty printed paper box for disposable ear currects i/o Pakistan; assorted tale book i.c law auditing; business management etc. i/o uk. Educational books of various titles total 15 ctns 572 books; printed books assorted titles; law books-oxaford uk.
Surgical/medical/dental: Hydraulic patient trolly; manual commercial free weight adjustable abdominal banch model f-3aag complete tft; 1-v catherter sie 18g, 22g,24.; disposable syrings with needles sie 23×1.(1,00,000 pcs).; stainless steel medical equipment; medical equipment; dressing forceps; medical equipment; syring & syring catheter; 1) dental Instruments Kit 9 Pcs Kit=92Kits. 11)scaler double ended 50 pcs/box x 2 boxes=100pcs.111) probe double ended=3000 pcs i/o Pakistan; dyed wrist bendage; dental instruments; sion set 20 ml luer lock/y connector 4 to 5 h; medical instrument thamb dressing for cep scissors Collin spectrum stainless steel lris scissor; surgical scissors made of stainless steel 8 packgs 68 kgs; medical & surgical instrument thine scissor with hook stainless steel toe nail arrow scissor etc; adhesive motor cycles stickers.
Auto parts and accessories: Adhesive motor cycles stickers; auto accessories; motorcycles helmits; air filter and oul filter cank shaft ; super quality genuine leather ssteering wheel covers 80 pcs; old & used radiator for heavy vehicles; motor cycle parts; auto accessories.
Leather/PU leather: Weight lifting leather gloves with stichable belts; fitness gloves leathers; pu leather sie=138cmx37.5cm. hang tag; gym. Gloves (leather ) assorted size; leather gloves assorted size.
Iron Steel Aluminum: Steel clips; iron steel nuts and bolts; 01 case new electric transmission line joint; aluminum roller rock; metal stand for LCD TV; iron ore; lion status made of metal brass in wooden cages; Stainless steel cut tube sharp 21gx39mm=960000pcs sie 23gx32mm960000pcs; file cabinat made of steel with 4 drivers; steel bearing cage; solar glass 3.2mm low iron patterned temperd; new wire rope with hook (3 dia=2 set); tin ingot each of 53 kgs; aluminium pipes tube sie 100mmx10mmx1mm; bearing parts bridge beng pad bridge; 17 roll air conditioner mesh; poultry cage mesh panel; wire carrier (eitr mrdh) sie 25×0.50, 32×0.76mm, 29×0.50mm.i/o itely; metal tent cross strut; stainless steel mesh wire in rolls.
Seeds: Sun flower seeds; caster oil seeds; jathropha curlas seeds; 40 kgs. Pongamia seed 100 kgs. Pongamia oil 5; sun flower seeds.
Chemicals: Irconum nitrate solution; forel asl 60a; cosmoplane propylene copolymer; innovated binder for sric castable white powder form; textile auxiliary bd 14 textile auxiliary sil; chemical organic solvent; activated carbon each bag of 25 kgs; circo tip af alkolin liquid cleaning ; hydrated calcium sulphate (gypsum);valeting equipment; epoxy resin wax mold styper; (1) lf mioor base coat paint 250kgs (11) lf-ik mirror top coat 250 kgs.;indigo granuler; titanium dioxide; polyurethane adhesive in liquid form; chemical butanal aeutrop; herbal powder, soap, shad card lab testing paper empty bottle etc.;cpi colourless cabart accelaator; calcium carbonate grade ccr 601, ccr-603 ccr-701.; techmic rfs b-195, techmic hm100; carbon black; scarlet sc 60 brand basf i/o germany; mixture of isocyanate; blue met (p-270-500-850 um std lot 1245064; cholorfenapry 36%; techmo phy+ph; fumarie acid (200 Bagsx25 kg each; coating material (auto colour); 1) alphatie amine./ 11) aldehyde function organie; frit (crystal form); 1) emulsion of styrene suladieve; 11) solution of Polyacrylamide derivative i/o itely. ; Electrolyte solution 32% (Sulforie Acid)-Battery Fluid Acid ; OBA 4 BK. I/O China; Blend of surfactant consist of anionie Surface active Agent; Oxalie Acid 99.6/min.; Titanium Dioxide; COATED CALCIUM CARBONATE; POLYMER (Polytheline type); STRONTIUM NITRATE WHITE POWDER; SYNTHETIC POLYMER IN ASSOCIATION WITH CARBON BACK AND SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF FILLER; ACETHUL CHLORIDE (6X 8=48 BOTTLES TWO BOTTLES DAMAGE +46 BOTTLES); Amide function Organic Compound; Titanium Dioxide Rutiler-902-i/o Chine; TEXTILE FINISHING AGENT; PIGMENTS PREPARATIONS; SODIUM CHLORIDE; PIGMENT.
Garment: Men Wearing Apparel Assorted Colours; LADIES GARMENTS KURTA KAMEES 828 PCS; PALGESTAR SHORT SLEEVES ASSORTED SIZE LADIES LEATHER PANTS; S.H. CLOTHINGS CONSISTING OF SHIRTS, T-SHIRTS. USED CHILDREN SHOES, PRINTED BOOKS CATALOGUES. Second hand clothoing comprising of fused jacfket under gardment etc.; second hand clothing comprising of ladies suit showls baby suit, gents suit denim oent etc; 50% cotton+50% polyster printed dyed dignity patient gowns; used germents & shoes; s.h. clothing baby baba suit, ounder garments; used garments ladies & gents; used Garments; cotton bed sheets size 260x220cm davet cover size 13.5x200cm.; 1) Poly cotton white fitted sheet size 140X240cm. 160×290 cm. 2. Cotton white bed flet sheet. Size140x240cm. 3. Cotton white duvet covers ; 1) Poly scotton fitted sheet size 168x280x30cm 11) Duvet cover size120x290x30cm.; used garments ladies suit men suit etc; 1) s.h.c consist of Baba Baby Suits, etc-70Kg. 11) Un-stiched cloth in Pcs =14 kgs.;used cloth consisting of ladies men suit etc; 100% cotton shirts ; used clothing consisting of ladies ch ildren baby baba suits etc; s.h. clothings of ladies suit baby baba suit etc.; used garments consisting of ladies children suits baby baba ; used cloth consisting of ladies men suit etc; printed misprinted posterknitted cotton polo shirts; New leather jackets in assorted size ; New Leather jackets in assorted size.
Fabric: Polyster shorpa febrics in roll width 60 inchs; 100% polyster ddyed fabrics 200 gsm; Sherpa fabric; 60% cotton 40% Polyster Dyed woven Fabric; Techno Polythylen bond; Polyster filment yard;
Miscellaneous: Techno polythylen bond; polyster filment yard; Plastic made Super Tag VST charcoal L-70-BM; card Clothing for textile carding machine; glass paper empty glass bottle still caps and printed cards; spot light 13000 pcs; rubber insert assorted size; grinding wheel; neun light and metal reals; reclaim rubber; 1) Work Glover/Leather Key Holder/Holder with Projector/Grooming Set/Pilot Ballpoint. ; no-5 nylon zippers; glass wool; universal rubber hose exceeding is b5-05 with flanges; Poly vinyl chloride resin; kenaf rain rosert; Popcelein tiles size 600x600mmx 318pcs. 114.48sq mt. size 300mmx986pcs 29.59sq mt. 48pcs found broken.; Paper Packing Material assaorted size/shape ; porcelain cups & saucer 2 pcs set and plate total standard size 48 sets +36 plate small siz 110 set + 180 plate; ceramic tiles ; plain pickup endless felts; dryer screens cfm 450; genuine sail racing life vest size s.ml.xl.; ladies pad packing 4pcs per box 437ctns=125876pcs; stuff frame bobbin size8’ 15 ctns each of 200 pcs; stuff toys assorted i/o china etc; printed jute bags and cotton fabrics gas for rice packing; printed juite bags and cotton fabrics bag for rice packing; rough ophthalmic blank glasses assorted size; Empty bottles with berle & caps; lable self adhesive logo for Capri hand dwash in rolls; Synthetic Tynex Monofilament size-15-10m. i/o usa; decorative paper of various colour size 1250mm70gsm; ginko biloba leaf; u.s. uh.60l blank howk toys dic cast; 1) Silicon Tube size 48mmx65m./11) Syndanio sheet/111)Silicon Tape; 1. Tyres size 7.00-16c(113)112L)- 10pr-tube Type 2 Pcs. i/o Malaysia. 2. Tyre size 7.5-15-12PR=2 Pcs. 3. Tyres size 10.00-20-14PR=4Pcs. Japan 4. Black riisini (Black Dried grapes. 940 Kgs.; 1. Ladies slipper assorted size=630Pairs 11) Gents slippers assorted size= 185 pairs.; Synthetic Bristle Paint Brushes assorted size; Polish Abrasive Pad Resin Bond Diomend/tile Polishing Tool; Wooden Display 10 Pcs. Degign Display catalogue 3 pcs ; bottle cap 25mm; Polyester Steple Fiber-102 x 38mm; Road Reflector model -88 RY. 88AW. 88AY i/o Turney; Reco carrageenan ricovis -8298 i/o Philippine; Pen holder wooden material 271 pcs i/o china ; White wheat flour (ashrafi Brand); Crockery, cup, saucer, mug, plates, cooker, stainless steel knife, spoons etc. and spices, black pepper, garlics powder, zera, elaichy, almond, anardana etc; Promotional material; Ceramic Balls 25kg each bag. Size -16mm.; classic extra bed 7 chair pad adult diaper; Pyriproxifen 95% tc accephate 75%; Ring bobbin brand sanyou 25000 pcs; Paesticides cholor fenapyr 36% trizuphos 85% bifenthrine 95% etc i/ china; Golden Pearl Beauty cream; Bedding quilt; Floor disply metal plastic & electrical unit archipp 1.5 M arrange/gamme plv permenant archipop i/o china.; Oegreaser.2. release agent 3 multi purpose skin detergent 4. Skin santizer.5 Glass & Multi surface clear 6. Floor cleaner; Offi set printing ink white color i/o Malaysia; glass chopped stand mat (Powder Binder) i/o china; polyster viscose yarn; empty pet bottles & plastic scraps; felt & knitte felt in roll 2 carbon ropes; compressed gas flammable.