KARACHI: Privilege cards will be issued to higher taxpayers by the government and benefit them from multiple incentives including VIP lounges at air port, fast track clearance at immigration counters, issuance of gratis passport, and increase in baggage allowance from $500 to $2500.
The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said “the immunity from audit has given to those who pay 25 percent more tax in year 2013 than the tax paid in previous year 2012.” And the declared income for tax year 2012 was not below the taxable limit of Rs. 35,0000.
He said that source of investment shall not be investigated, if investment is made by person in an industrial undertaking on or after January 1, 2014 and commercial production is commenced before June 30, 2016.
Exemption from penalty and audit to NTN holders, who had not filed returns for the last five years and tax of Rs. 20,000 per tax year is paid.
To attract the more taxpayers, he has given incentive that who had not obtained NTN they can file returns for the last five years and pay tax of Rs. 25,000 for each year then they will not be penalized by the tax authorities.
Around top 400 taxpayers shall be given the privilege cards from the following categories including: CEOs of companies, salaried individual, non-salaried individuals, and member of Association’s of Persons. In fact, excellence awards will be given to top ten taxpayers in each above category.
Moreover, annual dinner with Prime Minister at excellence award ceremonies, invitation for ceremonies for 23rd March, and 14th August and other state banquet.