KARACHI: Auction of left over general cargo will be held on December 19, 2013 at Al-Hamd, Maripur, Karachi by Pakistan Customs.
The auction-able general cargo goods are included:
Compressed air dryer 2 unit
Auto parts for Mitsubishi truck 4636kgs
Filter/fiber paper, uncoated/poly, one side coated paper 14520kgs
New auto parts 7000kgs
Empty plastic bottles 297kgs
Gas cylinder 290 kgs
Cylinder liner 4260kgs
BALSA wood 340kgs
Artificial leathers tool kit bag 10kgs
Cosmos wallet 36kgs
Pressure plastic injection mould 630kgs
Small wooden chairs 1841kgs
Wind screen 14kgs
Sino crak 400kgs
Steel wire in coil, steel rod
Scrap wood17550kgs