KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has finalized WeBOC transit management for consignment clearance of allied forces in Afghanistan, commercial and non-commercial cargo under which registration of Afghan traders has been made mandatory.
Pakistan Customs caters three types of consignment under transit trade included: US Military, NATO and ISAF; Afghan Commercial; and Afghan non-commercial.
The salient features of the WeBOC, the online clearance system, which the manual system or One Customs lacked included: Afghan traders registration; import general manifest / Bill of Lading on reverse transit (Torkham/Caman to Karachi); weight, seal and container verification; sequential process flow dependable; AC/DC transit role for monitoring goods transportation; Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with terminals / Afghan customs; secure user rights manager.
The clearing agents/ importers are required desk to desk processing but in the online system no such required and has electronic goods processing with sequential process flow.
The online system has integration with all stakeholders besides having capability of EDI with terminal operators, trackers and Afghan Customs.
For the clearance under new transit management no manual signatures are required and it has criteria of five percent random examination.
Unlike past through the new system, Pakistan Customs will be able to reconcile of cargo while the system also defined the role of transit directorate general.
No private carrier will be allowed to handle transit cargo as the new management system will allow only registered bonded carriers to transport transit consignments.
Pakistan Customs officials said that system would not to allow re-use of containers and vehicle before de-sealing (at en-route) for any other consignment.
The new system has been assigned to generate discrepancies on the cases at exit station, included: five percent of difference of weight; seal broken; container damaged; and delay arrival.
The customs authorities said that in case of delay arrivals the online system would automatically block bonded carrier.