KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has nominated 12 officers/officials to be considered for selection in respect of WCO Accreditation Workshop, Programme Global Shield (PGS).
These officers/officials include Dr. Mohammad Zubair, Chief International Customs, FBR Islamabad; Dr. Farid Iqbal Qureshi, Additional Collector, MCC-PaCCS Karachi; Abdul Majeed Yousfani, Additional Collector MCC Port Mohammad Bin Qasim, Karachi; Yakoob Mako, Additional Collector MCC-Preventive, Karachi; Mohammad Saleem, Secretary FBR, Islamabad.
Others include Naweed Ilahi, Deputy Collector MCC-Islamabad; Dr. Noman Khan, Secretary FBR, Islamabad; Khalil Yousfani, Secretary FBR, Islamabad and Ghulam Ali Malik, Deputy Collector MCC-Islamabad.
The officials include Ilyas Ahsan, Appraising Officer, MCC-PaCCS, Karachi; Sultan Aurungzaib, Appraising Officer, MCC-Port Mohammad Bin Qasim and Saqib sheikh, Preventive Officer, MCC-Islamabad.