KARACHI: The Director General of Customs Valuation has redefined customs values of household electricity meters imported from China under PCT Code 9028.3000 to rationalize values of imported subject goods for across the board application.
A reference was received from the Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) PaCCS for the determination of customs values of electricity meters being imported at under-invoiced values causing revenue loss to the national exchequer.
On analysis of import date, the declared values of subject goods, imported from different sources, were found on the lower side as compared to prices prevailing in the international market and it was also found that these items were being assessed at different values.
The values have been revised vise Valuation Ruling No. 565/2013 and electricity meters of China origin will be assessed to duty/taxes at the following customs values.
The revised customs values for Single-Phase electricity meters would be $2.37/Pc while three-phase electricity metes would be assessed to duty/taxes at $11.61/Pc.