Customs values of colour TV kits re-determined

KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has revised the customs values of ‘kit for 14”, 17”, 21” colour TV sets through Valuation Ruling No. 558/2013.
The earlier customs values of the said kits were determined vide valuation ruling No. 13 of 2007.
Requests were received to revise the same. This prompted an exercise to re-determine the customs values of the aforementioned kits.
In the process, the valuation of cabinets of CRT TC (Front & back TV casing) was also included on a representation of the stakeholders.
Now, the kits for 14”, 17”, and 21” colour TV sets under PCT heading 8529.9090 and PCT for WeBOC 8529.9090.1000 of China origin would be determined as $5.57 per kit with attachments including I.C, capacitor, diode, fly back transformer, resistor, all components fully mounted and soldered, accessories, decosing coil, screw-nut-washer, power cord with switch and remote control.
While cabinets of CRT TC 14”, 17” and 21” (front & back casing) of PCT heading 8529.9090 and PCT for WeBOC 8529.9090.1010 of China origin would be determined at $1.20 per Kg.

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