KARACHI: The hasty launch of WeBOC system for customs clearance is causing severe hardships for the exporters in filing the monthly e-returns as entries of Export General Manifest (M.R) by the concerned airlines for shipments made by air in February, 2013 have not been made in the WeBOC system.
As the M.R entries are not made by the airlines in the WEBOC systems and because of the non-availability of such details, the exporters cannot file the monthly Sales Tax Returns.
Javed Bilwani of value-added textile sector said that when the manual system was working there were no such problems.
“The crux of this problem now is that when the WEBOC system was introduced, the airlines should have been taken on board and assigned IDs. However, the WEBOC system was introduced without complete homework giving rise to several problems,” he added.
Now the exporters are being shown as ‘non-filers’ of sales tax and federal excise duty returns for the month of February, 2013 although shipment have been effected in February.
The exporters are in a fix because Goods Declaration (GDs) entries even of air shipments made in the first week of February are not shown in the system and they are shown as non-filers and no one wants to deal with a non-filer.
Javed Bilwani in a letter to chairman FBR and project manager WeBOC has requested that the WeBoc system should be streamlined and made proper and updated facilitating proper M.R feeding into the system so that exporter could file the monthly e-returns.
He also requested to continue the One Customs Manual System till such time that the M.R feeding was properly organized.