KARACHI: A brainstorming workshop was organized on Friday for customs officials regarding the roll-out of Web-Based One Customs (WeBOC), the in- house developed online software for clearance of goods.
The workshop was attended by seven principal appraisers, 30 appraising officers and 13 examining officers.
The workshop informed that examination and appraising officers would assess goods declaration (GDs) and after assessing they would clear the same.
The officers have been informed that about 10 percent of the GDs that were assessed by examining and appraising officers would be sent for counter check to principal appraiser or assistant collector.
The workshop informed that contravention, if detected, would be made by the appraising and examining officers and they would sent the same to additional collector (law), who would send to principal appraiser for remarks and recheck. After rechecking, the principal appraiser would send back his observation to additional collector for finalization of GD for adjudication.
It was further informed that when an importer was not satisfied with the assessment he can file an appeal to principal appraiser for first review. If the importer not satisfied, he can final another appeal to assistant or deputy collector for second review.
After the session, the customs officers said that the new system was much better then previous automated system either PACCS because the new system has mechanism of counter-check. They, however, said that 10 percent counter-check is not sufficient consider present revenue collection position. “There should be 50 percent counter-check in the new system,” an officer suggested and said that if it was not increased then the revenue collection shortfall would further widen.
The customs officers are quite satisfied about the grouping of staff assigned for HS Code Chapters 1-99, which was retained as available in the manual clearance system. They commented that it was positive move of the Customs authorities for not disturbing the procedures.