KARACHI: Clearing agents have been advised to upload all necessary documents to customs online system before filing of goods declaration for exports consignment for avoiding delays.
Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) in a circular issued on Friday said that in order to avoid undue delay in exports shipments the agents while filing the export goods declaration should upload required documents. So that all the necessary documents should be available to assessing officer and examination officer for avoiding time wastage in asking documents.
The clearing agents have been advised to upload documents included: E-form; invoice; packing list; any certificate required under any allied law like quarantine, phytosantry, REAP, Ministry of Narcotics; and what ever required by customs and other related authorities.
The KCAA has taken such initiative considering delays of export shipments due to law and order situation in Karachi and further delay caused due to newly electronic system introduced by the FBR for consignment clearance.