IHC allows petition by Kokab Enterprises, Lahore

ISLAMABAD: A bench of Islamabad High Court (IHC) allowed a constitution petition filed by Kokab Enterprises, Shah Alam market, Lahore which imported a consignment of body spray but Custom officials while applying Valuation Ruling (VR) older than 90 days detained the same over valuation dispute. The Collector Customs, Islamabad,  Deputy… Continue reading

SHC allows suit, orders refund of differential

KARACHI: Justice Junaid Ghaffar of High Court of Sindh allowed a suit filed by Bokhari International which imported hands free. The consignment was held by the Pakistan Customs, Valuation over a Valuation Ruling (VR) dispute. According to the plaintiff they filed the GD under relevant VR but custom officials assessed… Continue reading

Customs Valuation Ruling (VR) leave no room for value dispute requests

KARACHI: The Chief collector of Customs (South) has made it clear that the customs value of any imported commodity determined by the Director Customs Valuation in the form Valuation Rulings (VR) is binding and in its presence no request for section 81 ibid on account of value dispute shall be… Continue reading